Sopnola Universal Shower Water Filter


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The Sopnola Universal Shower Filter with 1 Extra Cartridge your shower water for up to 12 months. Use it with your Any  Showerhead for cleaner and healthier water. Complete Health Care for Your Happy family.
  • Patented technology
  • Work for hard water issue
  • Vitamin C neutralizes chlorine
  • Helps condition your hair and skin

A noticeably different shower experience. You will love the sopnola shower filter, or your money back

Product Description

  • ENJOY YOUR SHOWER TO THE FULLEST: There is nothing more relaxing than taking a shower after a long, tiring, stressful day. However, hard water that features a bad smell running all over your body is not exactly the best thing that can happen to you. What if we told you that you can shower with purified, clean water? All you need is the ultimate shower water filter! Indulge yourself and relieve tension!
  • ASSURE MAXIMUM SAFETY AND HYGIENE: Chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, fungi, mold and impurities! Don’t you want to protect your delicate, sensitive skin form all of these? This amazing 10 stage shower water filtration will safely and effectively remove anything that may lead to itchy skin, eczema, bronchitis and dandruff. Forget about irritations and promote an excellent hair, skin and nails condition.
  • INCOMPARABLY EASY TO INSTALL: Forget about struggling to install your water filtration system! It’s high time you made your life easier! This shower water filter will save you time and effort as it takes no more than a couple of minutes to install. In fact, you do not even need to use any tools. Enjoying crystal clear water has never been easier before.
  • UNMATCHED VERSATILITY: You may use this universal shower hard water filter with your shower heads and your handheld showers too! Offering high water pressure, this filter is the perfect choice for your fixed, rain and handheld showers around your home. You may also use them in professional workplaces such as gyms. You name it!
  • YOU GET 2 BONUS ITEMS: Along with your shower water purifier, you will receive 2 replacement cartridges at no additional charge! Each cartridge will last for an astounding 6 months so this set has you covered for the next year! Make a wise choice and place your order now!


Do You Enjoy Taking A Relaxing, Refreshing, Rejuvenating Shower After A Long Day? Have You Had Enough With The Contaminated, Hard Water That Causes Skin Irritations And Itchiness? This Amazing Shower Water Filter Is The Solution To Your Problem!

Taking a shower can really make you feel fresh, strong and full of energy. However, hard, chlorinated water that features a bad smell can make you feel very uncomfortable.

This is where we step in! Sopnola presents you with a must have shower water filter which is exactly what you need to effectively and safely purify water and make the most of your showers!

Top Notch 10 Stage Filtration System That Removes Impurities, Chlorine, Bacteria And Odors

Forget about cheaply made water filters that fail to soften and purify the water that runs through them.

This incredible, universal, purifying water filter offers a 10 stage filtration, removing dirt, bacteria, fungi, chlorine, mold, pesticides, heavy metals and bad smells.

The activated coconut carbon, the polypropylene cotton, the KDF-55, the calcium sulfite, the alkaline ceramic balls, the energy ceramic balls and the ceramic balls with ions assure that the water that will land on your skin will be pure, clean, safe and soft.

From now on, you may promote an excellent hair, skin and nails condition by taking a shower.

Countless Possibilities

This universal shower water filter is very easy to install within minutes. You may use it with all shower types including fixed, rain and handheld showers.

2 Cartridges Included

You will get 2 replacement cartridges that last 6 months each!

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